How to Turn Your Property from Residential to Commercial

Things to Assess:

Before you begin your transition, there are a few things that need to be assessed before you consider applying for any transition. These include:

Does your property have a pool? If your residential property has a pool, you should install a solar pool heating system if you wish to transition into a commercial property. As a good quality pool heating system will increase the value and utility of the property.

  • How your property changing from residential to commercial is going to impact the community, as if the property isn’t already verified for commercial use, then how is the traffic and noise caused by business going to impact the community?
  • It’s important that you consider any costs that are going to be a part of this transition, and how much it is exactly to rezone a property.
  • The final thing to consider during the assessment stage is how you are going to reduced any physical limitations on the property- as the building needs to be accessible for all.

Is it Legally Possible to Turn Your Property from Residential to Commercial?

To put it simply, the answer is yes. Converting your nusa penida real estate for sale from residential to commercial can be done, but it’s vital that you cover all legal aspects as you don’t want to end up in hot water.

There are four steps included when turning your property from residential to commercial, and these include:

  • Discussing with Your Local Council About the Change of Use:

Firstly, and perhaps the most important step, is to enquire about a change of use to your local council. This is because of the Town and County planning order, which was established in 1987, is an order which aims to organise and specialise different classes of buildings. If you are thinking about converting a property either way, then it’s important that you state its use to the council so it can be classified.

  • Health/Fire and Safety Regulations:

Just like with any building, the regulations regarding health, fire and safety are crucial. It’s important that throughout all areas, all aspects are covered as it will be your responsibility to ensure that everyone and everything is under control. It’s also vital that you demonstrate your understanding of all these aspects before your building is transitioned.

  • Understanding Building Regulations:

Building regulations still need to be discussed- even if you’re not thinking about changing or applying any new physical work to the building. This is because your property will need to be assessed regardless, and if you fail to arrange an inspection through contacting your local council, then your property may be forced to close at a later date.

  • Use a Solicitor:

Whether it’s the conveyancing aspect of your property that needs help, or if you are seeking legal advice regarding any potential conversions, it’s important that you use a solicitor as they are invaluable. Solicitors are able to provide a legal letter to the council which will explain your situation in depth, therefore it’s a good way to feel at ease regarding your current situation without having to go through the little details yourself.

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