How to promote your summer sale on Facebook

Summers seem to be a slower season for retailers. Customers are usually occupied with traveling or having a great time under the sun. They tend to spend less time on the internet and therefore shop less. However, this does not necessarily mean that summertime is a flop season for businesses. They can still boost their sales in the summers if they adapt effective promotional strategies. 

As there are a lot of platforms that allow you to promote your business, Facebook continues to top the social media websites. A Facebook page is a great spot to establish your identity and prosper as a brand. It is a free marketing tool for businesses that allows them to promote themselves and increase their revenues. Hence, it can be deduced that Facebook is the most effective platform to increase your sales in the summer season. 

Summer is mostly about the holidays and therefore more sales opportunities. With plenty of occasions to be creative and delight your customers with a sale in the summer holidays, you can easily drive more customers and increase your sales in the summertime. The right promotional strategy in place for your summer sale on Facebook can earn you some great profits. Therefore, have a look at some of the most effective strategies to try out for your Facebook sale. 

Create a Facebook Event for your sale

Creating an event on Facebook for your sale allows you to add all the important details under a single page. Not only this, but you can also generate organic reach by viewers marking whether they are “going” or “interested”. 

Moreover, Facebook’s algorithm works with the likes and comments of its users. It is likely to show your event to the audience that is interested in events like these as indicated by their activity. This helps you to further extend your reach. 

Additionally, people who mark as going or interested will get a notification about the updates on the event, as well as a reminder when the sale is due to start. This allows you to update your potential customers on your upcoming sale in a less complicated way. 

Countdown to the sale on Facebook 

About a week before your sale goes live, begin to share daily countdown posts on Facebook. Plan your posts in advance to allow yourself some time to think about how you can drive engagement. You can schedule your posts to make sure you do not miss a day. 

Apart from these feed posts, Facebook stories can provide some extra organic exposure. Alongside your posts, share 3-4 daily stories about your products. Include the sale reminder, dates, and savings on featured products. Rather than just letting your customers know about your sale, you are contextualizing the discounts and helping your audience visualize their savings. 


Another way to promote your sale is to share live content of yourself talking about the event. Tell the viewers about how big of a summer sale this is, and how you are excited to let the customers have their favorite products at a much lesser price. This allows you to connect directly with your customers, a fantastic way to establish a relationship with your audience. 

Dress up your page for the summer sale

The first impression has a profound influence on how we interact with things. Facebook pages are no exception. A positive first impression will lead viewers to continue exploring your page. It is important for you to showcase that you have a summer sale coming up. To make it stand up, you have to use appealing social media graphics for your upcoming sales promotion. 

You can use PosterMyWall to create engaging social media graphics for your social media marketing. It is an online graphic design tool that allows small businesses and marketers to create social media content for their online promotional campaigns. All this is done by a huge variety of customizable templates, with new templates added daily. 


Run a Pre-Launch campaign with Ads on Facebook

Facebook offers ads that appear on the side of a Facebook webpage. They have a headline with an image and a click-through link for the viewers to reach the destination page. Paid Facebook ads are vital for building exposure for your upcoming sale. 

Typically, when using Facebook ads for your e-commerce business, you should choose conversions as it is likely to get you the highest return on ad spend (ROAS). In this way, Facebook can also learn about your ideal consumers which will help you extend your reach in the long term. This effectively removes a piece of the pie and you are only going after the people who are most likely to buy. 

To promote your summer sale, try setting up a Facebook reach campaign. This allows you to reach a larger audience and therefore more prospective buyers. With sales, customers’ behavior may differ. They might have thought to buy from your business but were waiting for a seasonal sale, or needed an incentive to make them cross the finish line. Thus, hit them up with your summer sale and make them buy from you. 

Facebook cover videos to promote sales

If you have not noticed already, Facebook page covers have started to move. Facebook introduced cover videos in 2017, and they are slowly taking over the cover photos that were previously used. The cover is the first thing an online customer sees when they visit a Facebook page. They will probably start scrolling down, but the first video on the cover is a special opportunity to establish a positive first impression. 

A Facebook cover tells the audience who you are, what you are like, what you do, and what your venture is all about. Therefore, investing in your Facebook cover is a sensible choice. It is recommended to use PosterMyWall to design some attractive Facebook cover photos and make your Facebook page stand out from the competition. 


Some businesses choose to announce their sales on the sale day, but announcing your summer sale at least a week before will give you sufficient time to create the buzz around the offering. Since your Facebook page is your face for the people, adapt these effective strategies for Facebook marketing and drive the utmost traffic on your summer sale. 

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