How To Prepare Your Home for Autumn

With the autumn season slowly approaching us, it is now time to make the transition from the warmer months to the cooler ones and prepare our homes for the change. Once August is gone, pumpkin spiced lattes will start flooding the coffee shops, tree leaves will start changing colour and falling down, while also Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations will soon be taking place. However, when it comes to your home you would want to make sure that it is warm and cozy for the cooler nights ahead.

Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled a list of some of the most important things to do at home in order to be ready for the upcoming autumn season. Anything from clearing out your gutters to bringing out cozier décor, blankets and pillows will have you and your house prepared for those cooler nights snuggled up in bed with a hot cup of tea watching the pouring rain outside.

1. Check For Draughts

The first step to ensuring you feel comfortable at home during the colder months is to maintain a warm temperature inside. We would recommend checking for places where heat could be escaping through such as any gaps between doors, windows, hatches or loose floorboards. No matter how small and insignificant the gaps may seem, they will slowly but consistently let heat escape while also letting cold air inside your home as well. That is why it might be worth draught-proofing your house where needed. What’s more, by doing this you will ensure that your home is working more efficiently and consumes less energy, saving you money along the way as well.

2. Clean Your Gutters

With the rainy season approaching, it is important to make sure the water drainage system works well. That is why cleaning your gutters is a rather important task to complete before autumn is in full swing. It is recommended everyone does this at least once a year and while you can hire a professional, it is easily achievable on your own. You will need to remove any debris from the gutter carefully so that it does not go down the downpipe. Perhaps put this task on your priority list as the longer you wait and put it off, the more debris it is going to get from the falling leaves which are generally difficult to clear out. Also, remember safety first so make sure your ladder is stable and secure.

3. Take Care of Patio Furniture

Even though many outdoor furniture is designed in a way to withstand bad weather, rain and wind, it can still get damaged and needs looking after. While some pieces of furniture may come with covers and can stay where they are, others need to be put away. For instance, you must put any soft furnishing such as fabric cushions away as they can easily get moldy. If you are struggling with storing space, you have to make sure you get a cover which will withstand any weather conditions.

4. Decorate Accordingly

There are plenty of items which remind us of autumn and now that summer is almost gone, it is time to bring all of those out and create the perfect seasonal ambience in the comfort of your own home. Get those big, scented candles out again, bring out the soft blankets, decorate with pillows in autumn shades and use fairy lights for softer lightning. It really does make all the difference when you have your home prepared for cooler months and your surroundings correspond to the seasonal theme. Make sure you also have cinnamon and similar spices which you could also use as a way to make your home smell nicer. Boil yourself a chai or pumpkin spice latte and it will give your whole place an amazing aroma which will stay for hours.

5. Get Air-Purifying Plants

Leaving windows open in autumn can sometimes feel like torture but every home needs to be letting fresh air in daily. While you could let your windows stay open longer during warmer months, when it is cold you will probably get some fresh air for no more than a few minutes, which is normally not enough time to clean the air. A solution to this problem could be getting yourself some air-purifying houseplants. Not only do they improve the air quality in your home, but they are also e very modern decorative piece. Some of the most popular houseplants these days are the philodendron, snake plant and aloe vera.

Autumn is an exciting season for change and while the world is transforming outside, make sure your inside homes are also being transformed accordingly so that you can enjoy the season while being snuggled with a soft blanket at home, watching the leaves and rain fall down through your window.

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