How To Fix Your Hair Issue?

Dry, split ends, or oily hair? You’re not alone. There are a lot of women who experience these problems and the common one is my hair is so thin I can see my scalp, and there are many ways to fix them. From the latest hairstyles to simple tricks for dry air, here are some solutions that you can try. Once you have the right products, you’ll have a beautiful, healthy hair again.

Dry hair

The sun, chlorine, and salt water from swimming pools and a dip in the sea can strip your hair color. Heat and humidity also dehydrate your tresses. A night out on the town can also make your hair drier. Fortunately, you can fix this problem by using a post-summer hair rescue remedy.

The first step is to identify the cause of dry hair. If it’s a medical condition, your dermatologist may prescribe medications or other treatments to remedy the condition. For other causes of dry hair, lifestyle and dietary changes can help. Avoiding frequent hair washing is a great way to minimize dryness. Excessive hair washing strips hair of its natural oils and dehydrates it. The microneedling for hair loss is also effective.

Oily hair

If your hair is overly oily, you may want to try a clarifying shampoo to get rid of excess oil. This type of shampoo is especially good for oily hair, since it eliminates the product build-up and grease. It will also help prevent the hair from becoming dull and brittle.

You can also use a hair powder to soak up excess oil without stripping the scalp. Some hair powders even contain B vitamins, which regulate sebum production.

Split ends

Often, the best way to deal with split ends is to have them cut off. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, there are treatments that can make them less noticeable and don’t require a visit to the salon. A couple of these treatments have been recommended by celebrity hair stylists like Jesse Montana, Alessandra Saman, and Melissa Brown of Meche Salon in Los Angeles.

Split ends are caused by a damaged outer layer of hair called the cuticle. This layer gets damaged due to chemical processing, heat styling, and everyday wear and tear. This leaves the inner core of the hair protein exposed, making it more prone to breakage and splitting. Split ends often look like fractured wood.

Dry air

When the temperature drops below freezing, the static in your hair can become more noticeable. This is due to the low moisture content in the air. To remedy this problem, you can add a little moisture to your hair using an alcohol-free hairspray. It also helps prevent breakage by eliminating static electricity.

Besides applying conditioner to your hair, you should also wear a hat and avoid spending long periods outside in the cold. Dry air is damaging to your hair, particularly if you have curly hair.


The first step to fix over-washed hair is to reduce the number of times you wash it each week. The optimal frequency varies based on your lifestyle and the texture of your hair. However, the more often you wash your hair, the more damage you’re doing your locks.

Signs that you’re over-washing your hair include split ends, excessive dandruff, and hair that look dull, limp, or frizzy. Excessive shampooing can also cause damage to the scalp, rinsing it out and stripping it of essential oils.

Chemical damage

While there’s no way to completely undo the effects of chemical damage on hair, you can minimize damage and make your hair look better than ever. There are a number of in-salon treatments and products available that can help. If you are prone to chemical damage, take care of your locks during a break.

Chemical damage on your hair can lead to scalp irritation and rashes, and brittle, split ends. It’s also associated with a high incidence of hair loss, particularly among teenagers and young adults. The main culprits of this problem are over-processing and hair treatments, and improper use of hair products.

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