How To Find Employment With A Criminal Record In Australia

When you have a criminal record, it is possible to be sceptical of your chances when searching for admittance for employment into an organisation. Criminal records, in no doubt, weigh heavily on your mind when applying for a job.

For many individuals, applying for a position that they are very passionate about can turn into a genuine internal battle when their criminal records or police history is factored in. Fear of exposure is a common attribute for people; however, it can become intensified when you have a criminal record. Not long ago, the Australian government has become very strict in sustaining legislation that guides recruitment.

What is a criminal record?

A criminal record contains all of one’s convictions or offences and is stored in a National Criminal Database. Many organisations now request an updated National Criminal History Check record or National Police Check before employing applicants for any roles. Police checks are issued by Australian police authorities and, in most cases, issued by federal government accredited agencies. To find out more information regarding your criminal record, seek advice from Sydney criminal defence lawyers.

A criminal record does not essentially mean it is a barrier to landing the job you want, except where it is imposed on by a court or legislation. This does little to alleviate the fears and doubt in job applicants when they have failed their criminal history record check.

So, here are numerous ways to help you overcome the self-inflicted “stigma” of possessing a criminal record when applying for a job:

Employers do not need perfect records

Many offences that are present on one’s criminal record are generally committed early on in the individual’s life, and in no way does it characterise who they currently are. When employers are in the hiring process, they are usually on the lookout for someone who is best suited to the job and can fit into the team seamlessly.

Employers tend to disregard past mistakes as long as the individual can do what is required of them. To reassure an employer, it is recommended that you focus on explaining how you have changed into a better person rather than reiterating the details of your offence. Concentrate on what you have learnt from the experience, the changes you have made to your life and how you have acquired capabilities that will make you a good hire.

Verify if your conviction is ‘spent’

Convictions are never removed, however, in Australia, after ten years, many convictions can become ‘spent’. Customarily, a conviction will not appear on a Police Clearance, and you have an obligation to not tell someone about your convictions. Regarding employment, it is an offence for an employer to take these convictions into account when hiring. In these instances, the conviction no longer exists for the purposes of employment.

On the other hand, there are some circumstances where you are still required to disclose your convictions – particularly when you are being evaluated to work with children or when law enforcement is assessing you. Also, some states have certain rules where an offence will never be considered as spent – such as specific sex offences or convictions against corporate institutions. 

Be honest in your job

When applying for a job with a criminal record, you are able to gain credibility by being honest. It is generally best to acknowledge and reveal any of your convictions that are not spent. In any case, employers may already ask to authorise a criminal record check, so it is beneficial to be open and honest. You may feel a sigh of relief after disclosing such information as you won’t need to worry that your convictions may be exposed later on. Doing so will mean that you have built trust between yourself and your employer.

Show responsibility and competence

Once your employer is aware of your criminal record, it is vital to show that you are willing not to make the same mistakes again. From your work history since your offence, testimonials, all the way to evidence of support from family and friends, these can all be utilised to show to your employer that you are a responsible and competent applicant.

Do you require a reputable criminal defence lawyer to defend your criminal conviction?

It is crucial to pursue legal services from the best criminal lawyers in Sydney as they are dedicated to receiving the best possible results for all their clients. There are a number of specialist services around Australia to help individuals with criminal records get jobs, although, with the help of criminal defence lawyers they can help defend your criminal cases with the best chance for a favourable outcome.

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