How to Design Your Own Body Pillow

Design your own body pillow by using your own artwork! Using a soft polyester fibre insert and a Soft Velvet cover, your custom body pillow will be soft to the touch and feel. Designed by you, it will become your favorite bedtime accessory! If you’re interested in designing your own pillow, read this article to learn more about the process! Whether you’re interested in shape, size, or design, this article will help you create the perfect body pillow!

Design your own body pillow

Whether you want to pamper yourself in bed or just to look good, a custom body pillow is a great choice of dakimakura . Body pillows provide extra support for the body, which is particularly useful for pregnant women and people with back problems. They also look stylish on your bed. And, if you love sewing, designing your own body pillow is easy, and can be completed in a few hours. Choose fabric that is easily washable and complements the interior design of your room. To prevent stains, arrange your materials neatly. You should also finish the project in a single sitting.

Custom body pillows are cylindrical in shape, making them perfect for creating a photo collage. There are many pre-set templates to choose from, or you can create your own collage. Either way, this unique way to display your favorite photos is sure to be appreciated by your loved ones. This pillow is also a unique way to display your photos. You can also design a custom body pillow yourself with a smart collage tool. The possibilities are endless.


A body pillow is not only functional, but it can also add a decorative flair to your bed. It can be laid across the headboard or next to your sleeper. Custom body pillow cases are printed in the USA and are made from soft fleeces. The pillow case opens on the side, displaying a design on the top. A body pillow measures 54 by 20 inches. It is printed with your design on both sides and makes a great gift for a loved one.

When choosing a pillow case, you should make sure you choose the correct size and shape. If you would like to have a custom-made body pillow, you should make sure that you input your measurements accurately. For example, a feather rectangle pillow should be at least one inch bigger than the cover, while a feather square pillow should be two inches larger. An example of the correct insert size is 13 x 13 inches. You should also take into account how much material your body pillow will need. You can purchase these separately from an online store.


The custom body pillow is a decorative cushion for your bed, couch, or any other place in your home. Available in two sizes, this pillow is printed on both sides and is the perfect way to breathe new life into a drab couch or bedding. Made of soft, velvet fabric, it is an absolute dream to cuddle against, making it a perfect choice for reading, sleeping, or simply relaxing. It can keep you comfortable and help fill the room with special memories.

The body pillow cover can be a combination of two-way tricot, tribute silk, or peach skin velvet. You can create a montage of your favorite pictures or use one image on each side. Whether you choose a softer or firmer pillow, the body pillow maker makes the pillow super-soft for long-term comfort. The removable custom body pillow case is also machine washable, and comes with an elegant heart-shaped pendant.


A custom body pillow has many uses. It can be a fun way to showcase a favorite photo. You can have a picture printed on the entire cover or design one with circular ends. The removable cover is made of the softest fabric, Soft Velvet, and is printed edge-to-edge on both sides. This unique pillow can be used anywhere you want to display a photo. This unique way to display a favorite photo will definitely be a conversation piece for your guests.

A custom body pillow can be made of different materials, including fabrics and textiles. A fabric dakimakura will have a lower resolution, but should be no less than 100 dpi. If you’re ordering artwork to be printed on the pillow, make sure to provide a photo of yourself or proof that you own it. The ink will have a different effect on different materials, so choose carefully. You can get the core separately from the internet.

When designing a custom pillow, keep in mind that pillows are used in almost every room of a home, from sofas to beds and even the doggo’s floor. The average household has a bunch of pillows, so make your design match the decor in your home. You can start by selecting a brand, store, or platform. Choose a platform that lets you experiment with different designs and create your own. That way, you’ll have more room to make the perfect pillow.


If you want your very own custom body pillow, you can use your favorite photo or artwork on it. Then, you can have the pillow custom-made in either medium or large size. These pillows have removable covers made of soft Velvet, the softest fabric available. You can get these pillows customized with any design you can imagine, but remember to provide proof of ownership. Artwork must be of high quality and have no background to avoid the appearance of the body pillow being distorted or warped.


The price of a custom body pillow is not a matter of deciding between the best brands and the cheapest one. Choosing the right body pillow should be based on your expectations and budget. You should read reviews about the product and see whether it matches your needs. You should also look at the rating given by users to know whether a seller is capable of delivering on its promises. Online stores that sell body pillows usually have review sections and pictures to help you choose the right one.

The price of a custom body pillow depends on the materials used for the cover. Different materials have different printing effects. For example, if the cover is made of two-way velvet, the color of the ink will differ from the material used for the core. For this reason, custom body pillows are expensive to ship and can be found cheaper if the core is purchased separately. Its cover is usually made of a tribute silk or peach skin velvet material and printed on both sides.

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