How to Deal with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy if You Have No Money

A financial crisis can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have money left to pay your bills and debts. You will keep getting calls from your creditors and things get worse when they knock on your door every now and then. Bankruptcy is one of the ways that many debtors opt for because the lending companies will stop bothering you every now and then. If you have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will have to contact a Las Vegas Bankruptcy lawyer. Many people don’t have the money to pay their lawyers. Here are some options for them:

Stop paying your debts

Under Chapter 7 of bankruptcy, your credit card bills and loans may be wiped out after you file for it. It is a good idea to stop making payments towards these creditors and instead, make the payment to your attorney who will work for you to get rid of the financial crisis. The stats also revealed the fact that this strategy works for most debtors.

Borrow money from your close friends 

Every one of us is blessed with that one friend who always stands by us. You can get in touch with him or her and borrow the attorney’s fees. By hiring a lawyer, you will get a sense of relief and your case will start right away. Alternatively, you can request your employer to pay you in advance and explain to him your financial difficulties. He will be able to give you some money to pay your attorney’s fees.

Stopping your creditors

It might be annoying and depressing to get constant calls from your creditors. The automatic stay order, that will instruct them to stop calling you, comes after you file for bankruptcy. Until that time, if you still get calls from your creditors, you can ask them to get in touch with your attorney and speak to them instead. This will take away all your stresses and worries and the horrifying calls from the lending companies.

Look for free legal advice

Many legal societies help the poor and offer free consultation services to people. If you feel that you don’t have enough money, you can search for these bodies on the internet and contact them for your case. This way, you can save a good amount of money.

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Filing for bankruptcy can be the best decision if you are left with no money to pay your bills. Call an attorney today to know your options.

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