How To Create A Motivational Whatsapp Status Video

Motivation is something that inspires us to do whatever we want to do and never give up. When we feel like we are losing or cannot do the work properly, feel depressed and exhausted that time motivation works like a powerful mind freshener and give us a push towards our target. We can be motivated by motivational speakers, videos, movies, stories, etc. We can also be motivated by motivational WhatsApp status video

How To Motivate Someone With A Motivational Whatsapp Status Video?

Sometimes we want to motivate someone but do not know how to do it. In this situation, we can motivate someone by just sending them a motivational WhatsApp status video. That motivational WhatsApp status video may last for only 30 or more secs but it can create a great impact on someone’s mind, can cheer them up also influence them. You can make the motivational video a life-changing factor in someone’s life. When we do not find anyone who can motivate us at that time we can use the motivational WhatsApp status video for self-motivation. 

How to make a motivational whatsapp status video

It is very easy to make a motivational whatsapp status video. You just have to follow the following steps to make a motivational video:

Step 1: Keep a peaceful and healthy mindset:

 If you want to make a motivational WhatsApp status video you have to make your mind peaceful and healthy first. If your thinking is not healthy you cannot motivate others. Healthy thinking only can inspire others. Medication can be beneficial to set a healthy mind.

Step 2: Choose a concept: 

To make a motivational WhatsApp status video you have to choose an interesting concept or topic. Then you have to acquire knowledge about the topic and have to do a lot of research. If you do not have any idea about the concept what will you tell other people? If your speech is not informative no one will listen to you. So collect as much information as you can that also will enrich your knowledge.

Step 3: Write script, choose images, graphics and suitable music:

At first you have to write a suitable script for your video. Put as much important information as you can about the content. Do not make the script too lengthy it will make the listener bore. Choose a suitable image that is related to your topic and script, and also select graphics design and music. Do not choose any odd graphics and music.

Step 4: Shoot the video: 

In this step shoot your motivational whatsapp status video in a professional manner. If you shoot your video with a beautiful background it will also refresh the viewer’s mind. Do not make your video too long. People do not like to hear lengthy speech. While shooting video always check if there is enough light. If you do not get proper light your video quality will decrease.

Step 5: Edit and add effects: 

After shooting the motivational whatsapp status video we will edit it and will add our preferred effects. While shooting the video sometimes we do not get shot as we want. We can fix everything in the video by using the edit option. As we are not professional video editors that’s why we will use video editing apps. We can find these apps in the google play store. We just have to visit the google play store, and then install a video editing app.

How to motivational whatsapp status video download

Above we have learned, how to make a motivational whatsapp status video but if we want to download them how can we do that. The easiest way to motivational Whatsapp Status Video Download is to install a whatsapp video downloader form the Google play store.  

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