How to choose your wedding jewelry

Jewelry is the key element to elegantly complete the wedding dress . They come in necklace , earrings , bracelet , hair jewelry . The back jewel is added if the dress allows it. Do you have to wear jewelry to your wedding? No, but it’s highly recommended to finish off your bridal look.

If you are not used to wearing jewelry you can choose them quite discreet but don’t forget them! Some future brides replace or complement them with other wedding accessories such as flower crowns or combs, veils and gloves.

Start by choosing the wedding dress and then you will think about jewelry and accessories . Want to know how to match your wedding jewelry with your dress? Here are our tips for the perfect bridal look.

Silver or gold? Is rose gold very trendy?

The color of your dress guides you in choosing the color of metal to wear. The other criterion to take into account is the color of your hair. Wedding jewelry has different metals , here is a table that illustrates the recommended color combinations.

White or slightly off-white dress: Most brides-to-be traditionally choose a white dress. White fabric goes best with shiny metals such as white gold, rhodium and silver. But if you are blonde you can very well opt for gold or gold. 

Rose gold has come back into fashion for a few years and remains very trendy. It goes perfectly with black and white clothes, as well as light pink, which will allow you to wear your jewelry again after your wedding. Choose it if you have red hair even if the outfit is white. 

Ivory and champagne: gold or gilt jewelry will go wonderfully with these dress colors. You can also choose vintage jewelry with a champagne-colored wedding dress. Rose gold, a timeless and very fashionable color, is a good alternative in this case where the jewelry remains discreet.

Powder pink or coral   – pair your dress with rose gold metal (rose gold). Your look will be romantic and feminine. Rose gold has the advantage of perfectly sublimating any skin color. 

Silver/Gray or Blue – dress with subtle silver, gray or blue tones, the best metal to match your wedding dress is white gold or silver.

A single jewel or an adornment? 

Once again the choice will depend mainly on your dress and your hairstyle . If your dress leaves your arms bare choose a nice bracelet unless you have already opted for two other very elaborate jewels. 

A hairstyle that clears the face well leaves more choices for earrings , you can even choose long chandelier curls . Everything is a question of balance, the goal being to harmoniously decorate your entire silhouette. If the dress is very sophisticated, you can wear it with a tiara (or other hair ornament) but for the rest, prefer fine Wholesale Jewelry. And if the chosen necklace is imposing, it will be better to opt for discreet earrings.

According to the type of neckline 

The neckline of your wedding dress is one of the factors to consider when choosing your necklace. The bridal necklace must sublimate the dress and rebalance the silhouette without overloading it.

If your dress has a heart -shaped neckline,  you have multiple choices: a necklace with a pretty drop pendant , a  pointed necklace or a rounded necklace. Any style can end itself to it.

If your dress has a V-neckline : a simple pendant necklace and dangling earrings will be a great way to show off that chic neckline.

If your dress has a straight neckline : choose a rounded collar close to the neck .

And the hair jewelry?

A hair jewel will be a bit too scary? I dream of wearing a tiara but I’m not very tall… Do you still have a lot of questions about how to choose your wedding jewelry ? We bring you all the answers!

Hair jewelry will really enhance your bridal hairstyle so why deprive yourself of it? Hair ornaments there are for all tastes and all sizes : peaks, combs, barrettes, vines, tiaras… At Aurora Secrets they are all sublime!

A slightly disheveled bun is easy to pair with a hair trinket because it can be adorned with spikes or a comb just as well as a vine or a tiara. But if for example you have opted for a couture bun and you do not want to overload it, there are very delicate hair jewels that can add a little light to your hair.

It is true that unlike jewelry sets, you will not easily find an opportunity to wear your wedding hair accessory again . Yet a diamond tiara is a timeless accessory that can be passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes future brides hesitate to wear a luxurious wedding tiara , they want to but wonder if it will not be a little too much. Since diamond tiaras are no longer reserved for royal families, I invite you to ask yourself the right question: when will you be able to wear a princess tiara if it’s only at your wedding? Know that tiaras and crownsswarovski crystals are among the favorite head jewelry of brides in the United States.  

After all these tips, one last: be yourself!

Don’t get lost in the hunt for the perfect wedding jewelry. After all, marriage is for you and it should reflect you. If you prefer a pair of chandelier earrings over understated earrings, go for it! Simply choose what suits your style and personality . The whole thing is to feel comfortable and confident with your jewelry!

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