How To Choose The Perfect Fabric For Your Wedding Dress?

If you want to be different you can opt for different styles and no less elegant for that. Some wedding dresses that can be perfect are short or with pants that are ultra-feminine at the same time. You can also wear a two-piece wedding dress made up of silk shirts, openwork tops and retro 1950s-style skirts. As for pants, you can opt for the always elegant high detail palazzo.

And it is that more and more designers are choosing to create collections with true works of art by introducing trouser design suits, thus completely displacing the more traditional wedding dresses. Whether they are more masculine or on the contrary or more feminine and sensual and also, they are increasingly requested by current brides.

You can choose thicker fabrics for your wedding dress. Brocade, ottoman or Tulle and Pique can also be candidates for your dress but always for those with pencil skirts or dresses with a straighter design.

Another option as wedding dresses, empire cut dresses are also a good option. They are usually straight, fluid and falling dresses are ideal for a more natural bridal look. And it is that long wedding dresses for a civil ceremony can also be elegant. More and more women are betting on removable dresses that become a new way of weddings without removing details of religious weddings as beautiful as trains or veils.  

HauteFlair experts recommend that when choosing a wedding dress you do not forget the importance of the fabrics. Choose the lightest and most vaporous ones such as silk, chiffon or crepe, silk or cotton… And of course, you don’t have to give up tulle, lace… as long as its volume is not disproportionate. 

Wedding dresses: party dresses are also suitable for weddings

It will also be a good option to put aside the bridal collections and simply look at the party dresses in the right shades. Nude, beige, off-white or pastel colors are always a good option.

Although the styles of wedding dresses always tend to be simpler, they do not have to lose an iota of style and elegance, they can be just as spectacular. also recommends that you take into account the following: avoid excessive rhinestones. A belt, a strip on the neck, a detail on the headdress of the hairstyle…

It is the perfect occasion for you to put your creativity to the test and play with different fabrics, necklines, shapes and accessories to make up your wedding dress that, perhaps, a bride who is married in the Church could not wear. It’s the perfect time to show off your back or neckline! You can go sexier than ever, for example with a mermaid wedding dress… as always, perfection is somewhere in the middle, so don’t go too sexy or bohemian.

The sexiest necklines are usually V-shaped, illusion or box-shaped necklines, but you will achieve simplicity with the rest of the elements of the wedding dress, not only with your neckline, which will depend on your tastes. Personal as well as in harmony with the rest of the dress.

But wedding dresses are not the only key that will give the ceremony a natural look. It is also very important, the choice of the bridal bouquet and of course, in the look of their partners. The groom’s suits as well as their style are also very important for the final result as well as the decoration of the ceremony and the wedding.

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