How to Choose Flower for Condolence in Singapore

While there is nothing that can be done to make somebody who has lately lost a loved one feel better, sending sympathy flowers is a long-standing custom in many areas of the world. Funeral flowers provide beauty, fragrance, and color to an otherwise solemn event, and 99 percent of those who receive them say the sender is caring.

Simultaneously, some etiquette guidelines are to follow while choosing condolence Flower Delivery Singapore. You may have heard the words funeral flowers and condolence flowers if you’ve ever bought flowers for a funeral ceremony. What’s the difference, is an often asked question. It may be argued that because sending flowers expresses sympathy, all blooms are sympathy flowers. Although this is partially accurate, the genuine distinction is based on floral size, presentation, and delivery location.

Continue reading to discover more on how to select an acceptable flower arrangement as a mourning tribute.

Size of the arrangements

The sort of floral arrangement you select will be determined by where the flowers will be delivered. Large, standing arrangements may usually be delivered directly from flower shops to memorial homes where funerals are being held. Choose smaller floral arrangements if you’re sending flowers to someone’s home.

  • Bouquet: The most common flower arrangement ordered is a bouquet. This is a tiny floral arrangement that may be placed in a vase or basket.
  • Casket Sprays: A coffin spray is a big arrangement that is draped over the casket’s top. The immediate family of the dead frequently purchases this arrangement.
  • Sprays A spray is a huge floral arrangement that serves as a focal point or centerpiece. These big exhibits are frequently placed beside the coffin at the entrance of a chapel.
  • Wreaths: A wreath is a flower arrangement that is round. Many people think that the floral circle symbolizes eternal life.
  • Small bouquets: These are miniature funeral bouquets and garlands that are laid in the casket near the body.

Choice of flowers:

Flowers of any kind can be used in sympathy and funeral arrangements as long as they are beautifully fashioned by a florist. Certain flowers, nevertheless, have unique meanings: white lilies symbolize innocence, pink carnations symbolize remembrance, and red tulips symbolize love. While many people pick muted hues for sympathy flower bouquets, colorful and exuberant spring blooms can also be used to commemorate the life of the departed.

  • Carnations represent fascination and love
  • Chrysanthemums represent a mother’s love and affection
  • Hyacinth to represent that the deceased will be in my prayers
  • Hydrangea for sending Heartfelt Emotions
  • Lilies symbolize a majestic approach
  • Orchids if you want to deliver the message of love
  • Peace Lilies signify peace and innocence
  • Roses symbolize love, respect, as well as courage

When should you send the flowers?

When sending sympathy flowers to a bereaved family, you can do it anytime for there is no such appropriate timing. Even if you learned of the death after the funeral rituals had already taken place, you may still send a nice arrangement to the family’s house.

However, if you are still stuck on the required measures and processes to follow while sending funeral or Condolence Flower Delivery in Singapore, you must certainly connect with Floral Beanie. They’ll be conversant with local customs as well as any chosen color schemes for the ceremony. Do not forget that the most essential thing is to express your sorrow in whatever manner you can.

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