How Home-based Care Helps Increase Safety and Healthy-living Among Older Individuals

Canberra is one of the largest cities of Australia, located in the northern end of the capital territory. As of 2020, Canberra reports an estimated population of 431,380. Out of this, about 12% of the population or 51,765 are aged over 65 years. Old age is a sensitive stage of life, and older individuals require comfort and care to lead the rest of their life healthily, without anxieties, apprehensions or worries. Simply put, the basic needs of the elderly would be to have good food, human connection, physical and mental health support, engagement, a comfortable home and safety. The best facilities for aged care in Canberra provide just that. They ensure security and a healthy lifestyle for them to lead a carefree retired life.

The Need for Safety for the Elderly

As individual ages, it is inevitable to experience loss of balance and strength, leading to slips and falls. The older a person gets, the more concern there is about injuring themselves, which can be worrisome. In some cases, individuals opt for ways to reduce the risk of falls and injuries at home through minor modifications around the house. These could include the use of ramps, rails and seating in risky areas like showers to make them feel comfortable and safe. Some also install personal alarms with easy-to-push buttons, bracelets and pendants to alert medical services or the next of kin during emergencies. Having such facilities helps them get faster access to medical help and prevent major injuries, damages or health consequences. If you happen to live in Northern California, check out for the best senior facilities in the area.

How Home-Based Aged Care Can Help

A better option for ensuring safety would be to opt for home-based care.

  • Trained and empathetic professionals visit the homes of elderly individuals, help take care of their needs and prevent such accidents from occurring.
  • They provide the necessary quick response during such incidents and help individuals lead their everyday lives without worries, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Aged care consultants also assess the living area and help identify the risk factors that might endanger the elderly residents, and provide solutions to increase the safety measures at home.
  • If an elderly is injured, aged care services provide home-visiting nurses who provide the required care and treatment at the comfort of their homes.
  • They can receive their treatments from nurses, doctors and other allied professionals like physiotherapy as they continue to rehabilitate in the comfort of their homes.
  • They also help provide mobility support by supplying accessories and furniture that would help the individuals commute comfortably around their homes.
  • They also provide personal services like meal delivery, shopping, and cleaning.

How It Contributes to a Holistic Healthy Family

Caring for the elderly at home, especially for someone dependent or suffering from health issues, can be a demanding task. Families take up the role of being caregivers for their loved ones to provide the necessary support they require to live comfortably. But with prolonged care, even the most resilient caretakers would require some time off to do other chores, rest, maintain their health or take personal care. During such times, if they push themselves to balance the two, many feel burnt out or fall ill themselves.

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During such times, families can consult professionals from home-based aged care in Canberra to take over the responsibilities. Trusted services ensure the safety and health of their senior family members while the caretakers get the time to fulfil their tasks and necessities. It also helps working professionals to accompany their older family members through their lives and strike a good work-home balance.

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