High-Conflict Divorce in Houston: How to Get Through It Successfully

Divorce is never an easy process and some cases can be harder than others. A lot of problems can arise and lead to significant disputes between the divorcing parties, making the situation emotionally draining and stressful. Those who are planning for divorce should hire an experienced attorney who can walk them through the complexities of the divorce process. This is especially important in high-conflict divorces. If you are wondering if you should hire a family or divorce attorney, click here to learn more

How Conflicts Arise During Divorce

When you get a divorce, some issues need to be resolved before the court can issue a final order in your case. You may end up with a high conflict divorce due to disagreements about such issues or other circumstances that surround the end of your marriage. Conflicts during divorce can be due to disputes over property division, issues on spousal or child support payment, disputes over parenting plans and parenting time arrangements, domestic abuse allegations, general bitterness, and more. 

How to Protect Yourself

If your divorce case involves domestic violence, you must inform your divorce lawyer immediately so they can take appropriate precautions. Your attorney may need to get an Order of Protection to limit the ability of your spouse to contact or access you. Even if you are not in danger, a high-conflict divorce may still affect your mental and physical health. To get through such kind of divorce proceeding, limit contact with your soon-to-be ex, direct communications with them to your lawyer, keep realistic expectations, seek help from your loved ones and friends, as well as seek therapy. 

Handling Your Divorce

The right help and advice can help you get through a high-conflict divorce successfully. To survive this kind of divorce, restrict communications, especially if your spouse is employing abusive tactics. By creating boundaries, you can boost your self-worth and informs your spouse that you are not affected by their efforts. Never give in to your spouse’s tactics and just concentrate on what must happen to get the divorce over with.

In addition, do not involve your children in the battle. As your spouse attempts to dominate in the arguments, they may bring in your kids and make them pick between their parents. Keep in mind that your divorce is already hard for your kids and making getting them involved can make the situation unbearable for them. So, focus on resolving your issues, no matter how long it takes, without involving your kids.  Your attorney can help you with this. 

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