Gathering Animal Crossing how to run – fast running mobile strategy

In Animal Crossing game, players will be able to move quickly on the map. Then, how to run in the Animal Crossing, what are tips for moving quickly in ACNH, here is the introduction.

How Do You Run In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Many players have landed on the unmanned Island plan one after another. Many players have also played the game, but the physical version players may have to wait a little. In the game, when many players control the protagonist to walk, they may find that they walk very slowly, So how to make players move quickly in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Let’s have a look.

  1. If we want the character to move quickly, we have to press and hold the B key, and then control the remote lever to turn, so that the character will run. Isn’t it very simple?
  2. But after moving quickly, we need to pay attention to several points, especially when we are preparing to go fishing by the river. If we run quickly, the fish in the river will be scared to dive into the bottom. We can only walk slowly to avoid scaring away.
  3. Fast moving will scare away the fish in the river. At present, it is not clear what it will scare away, so it is unknown for the time being. Fast moving does not require physical strength. Run as you please

PS: You can’t ride an electric scooter. You can only decorate it. Don’t spend 4400 ACNH Bells to buy it. You think you can drive and be an old driver. In addition, there is no jumping in the game. To cross the river, we need to use poles or build bridges, but if we encounter pits, we can jump over.

Game introduction

Nintendo Animal Crossing New Horizons was released on sale in E3. Players will participate in the “unmanned Island migration plan” planned by nook Inc. to start a new life in the game with unmanned island as the background. In the game, you can leisurely walk and explore by the sea. You can live a free life on an uninhabited island with nothing. You can buy Nook Miles Tickets to travel any island. You can obtain several items to put together and design your dream house interior & island in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The animal animal crossing is a quick move to switch Animal Crossing. Details are gathered more about the Animal Crossing New Horizons in and MTMMO..

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