Fun Assignment Ideas for Elementary English Teachers

School assignments can be boring sometimes, but they don’t have to be. Here are some fun writing assignment ideas that can be used as homework or in-class work. So long as the kids are old enough to know how to write, they should be able to do all of these projects.

Writing Prompt

Writing can be fun, but sometimes it is hard for kids to know what to write about without a little help. That’s where using writing prompts comes in handy. There are all types, from would you rather writing prompts to watching a video and writing what the kids thought about it. There are basically endless options.

This can be tailored to fit any grade. Younger kids can write a sentence or two and draw a picture. Older kids can write a paragraph or two or tell a story.

Journal Entries

Back in the day, elementary school English teachers would sometimes start each day by telling the students to write a journal entry. These could be based on something or could just be a free-writing session. It doesn’t so much matter what the kids are writing about, so long as they are writing! Starting off class with a simple journal entry can get kids ready to participate in class. Teachers can simply start a timer and let the kids write until the time is up.

Caption Contests

Caption contests are a fun way to get kids’ creative juices flowing. One of the most fun ways to do this is to show the class a picture and have them write a caption for it. To make it a competition, have each student fold up their caption and put it in a box. Teachers can then read each caption and have students vote on their favorite. Of course, just make sure they don’t vote for themselves! Give the winner a prize or bragging rights.

Acrostic Poems 

Having students make up their own acrostic poems is a great way to have them practice their spelling words. An acrostic poem is a poem made from one word. Each letter of the word gets a line from a poem. For example, if the spelling word was “spring,” an acrostic poem might look something like this:

Soon flowers will pop out of the ground.

Purple ones,

Red ones too,

I love to see all of the colors.

Nothing could be better.

Great views all around!


Another classic, if not slightly morbid, way to practice spelling words is to play hangman with the class. Each child can guess a letter until they get the word right. Once that word is done, move along to the next spelling word. If you do not want to do this with the whole class, consider putting kids in pairs or groups to have their own hangman games.

This is also a great way to learn foreign words. Some English teachers are also in charge of teaching foreign language classes. Try using this game to get similar results.

Spelling Bee

There might not be anything more classic than a good old-fashioned spelling bee. This doesn’t need to be any kind of state-wide contest, instead just another great way for kids to learn their spelling words. Line up the kids in front of the classroom or have them stand near their desks. Have one kid at a time spell a word. If they get it right, they stay in the game; if they get it wrong, they sit down. Do this until there is only one kid left standing. If you run out of spelling words, just restart the list or pick some more challenging words just to keep the game going.

Teaching English doesn’t need to be all essays and tests. Use some of these fun activities to get your students more engaged in learning. Who knows? You may be able to strike some inspiration into the next Shakespeare!

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