Freelancing Mistakes You Must Be Aware Of

Freelancing is like a full-time job where you are your boss, manager, accountant, editor, and many more. It is never easy to have so much on your plate, but you can expertise all of it with time and patience. There are many perks attached to freelancing, but it is not always a bed of roses. Every day you learn something new. 

When you start as a freelancer, you are bound to make some mistakes. While we always learn from our mistakes, it is never easy to handle those mistakes. This is the reason why you should be learning from everyone else’s mistakes. 

Here is a list of mistakes that every freelancer makes sometime in his/her career, and this article will make you aware of those so that you do not fall into the same trap. 

1. It is not a hobby.

It is a business, do not ever think of it as a hobby. If you think of it as something to do in your leisure time, you would not be able to make any profits. You have to take your work seriously if you are in it for money and profits.

2. Not getting agreements.

During the initial phase, many freelancers fall into the trap of some ruthless clients who do not sign an agreement. This is a rookie mistake. Always get an agreement before starting to work on a project. Discuss the details like payment, due date, advance pay, mode of payment, etc., before signing the agreement.

3. Not knowing your worth.

You and your work are priceless. There will be many people who will take advantage of your skills to earn profits. Never undervalue yourself. Find yourself a client who comes to terms with your value and only then proceed with other formalities. 

4. Not keeping a record of your work.

Maintaining an excel sheet of document of all your work is important. With every new project, make a new excel sheet to record the work progress. Convert this Excel to PDF after the project is completed. 

5. Not giving an invoice.

Again, a rookie mistake. Always make an invoice and send it as soon as the project is completed. It should have all the details of payment, contact, and others. 


Choosing to pursue freelancing is a challenging yet fulfilling task. Never do the same mistakes and learn from others. Always share your work in PDF file format. Convert word document, invoice, and XLSX to PDF and only then send it to the client.

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