Essential Roommate Rules You Need If You House Share

Sometimes it seems as though living with a roommate is a rite of passage for people. Whether you live with friends at university or go into shared accommodation at some point in your life, most of us will end up living with a roommate. And to be honest, there are plenty of benefits to sharing your house with someone else. Besides the companionship, sharing a property can be easier financially, as you will divide utility bills and other expenses such as council tax. Additionally, having a roommate can provide extra security in the home, and provide a more secure environment. However, sometimes sharing a space with someone else can be tricky, and adapting to their living styles can be difficult, and although you may get along as individuals, there is also a pressure to get along as roommates. Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our essential roommate rules you need if you house share.

Have a Discussion:

First things first- you need to talk! It’s vital that you learn to communicate right from the beginning and establish rules in the house. An easy way to do this is by having an open and honest conversation, and perhaps bringing a list of expectations to the meeting.

Follow the Golden Rule:

It may seem childish, but the golden rule has a great effect. Essentially, it’s the notion of thinking about how that action or situation would impact you if the tables were turned. By doing this, it allows you to have more courtesy for your housemates.

Don’t Take Without Asking:

Just because you live together doesn’t mean you should automatically assume that things belong to you. It’s vital that you ask for permission first, and respect all of their wishes, especially when it comes to their belongings or entering their private space.

Be Respectful When It Comes to Guests:

Although it’s your home too, you have to remember that when it comes to guests it’s always a good idea to discuss this with the other person too, as they might have other plans or just want the courtesy of a heads up beforehand.

Try Not to Gossip:

It’s inevitable that at some point, your roommate and you are going to cross paths. And while this may make for a juicy story for your other friends, partner or family- it’s best to refrain from gossiping about your roommate. Think about the golden rule- and how it would feel if your roommate was to broadcast your bad habits to other people?

Deal with Problems ASAP:

If you do end up getting into an argument with your roommate, it’s a good idea to deal with the problem ASAP. Addressing the situation head on will allow you both time to discuss things in a matter of fact manner, without resorting to petty fights or furthering childish behaviour.

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