Cybercrime is a Real Issue

Have you ever opened your social media account and found not-so-pleasant comments on your public post? Or maybe you have witnessed harsh and indecent comments on a post of a friend or relative or a public figure? Or perhaps, have you ever been a victim of الابتزاز الالكتروني or fallen for a scam or fraud on the internet and suffered losses? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then that means you have been a victim of cybercrime.

What is Cybercrime?

So, what exactly is cybercrime? Cybercrime is illegal and considered as the misuse of the computer network to gain profit in form of money or any other personal gain.


Through the years, there has been an immense increase in cybercrime. Every day the technology is advancing and as it evolves to help the common population, on the other side the hackers try to use it for their personal gains and develop ways to efficiently hack into accounts and systems. There was an increase in cybercrime from 2019 to 2020 with about three hundred thousand more cybercrimes in 2020.

Types of Cybercrime

There are various branches to cybercrime as they’re divided into different types. Some of the types of cybercrime include voice phishing, online stalking, hacking, identity theft, cyberbullying, and many more.

Voice Phishing

This is one of the serious and common crimes where a person tricks another into giving their personal information which may include their credit card information. Then the information is used to obtain money from the person’s account or use their information to later ابتزاز جنسي them. There are many people that may call you pretending to be a company with a great package and needing your information but do not fall and recheck its authenticity and reliability.


Cyberbullying refers to using an online platform to bully someone, which could be mocking the person or degrading or abusing them. An example could be that a person may blackmail the victim with the threat of releasing their personal information or spreading false information about them. Another example would be harsh and rude comments on social media targeting the specific victim.

Cybercrime are a real issue and need to be addressed. One should be aware of these possible scams someone might try to get you into. Hacking, identity theft, and cyberextortion are some further examples. Be safe!

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