Cool Websites That Your Teenager Kid Will Love

Teenage is a very awkward age, where a few kids pretend to be cool and know-it-all, while some others keep themselves protected in a shell. Being a parent to an adolescent kid is even more difficult, it is important to understand what your kid is going through during that period. 

Internet is a fascinating world and your kid might inevitably be attracted to this world. Your kid uses the internet for various reasons like to convert PDF to Word, listening to music or podcasts, and many more. It is necessary in today’s world to introduce your kid to the internet, but you should know that one wrong click might land your kid in the wrong place. 

Here are some cool websites that will help your teenager to grow while having fun.

  • HowStuffWorks

The cool website is not only for teenagers but for all age groups. It teaches us about everything under the sun – be it science, health, automobiles, and many more. It explains everything in such a fun manner that you find yourself engrossed in the topic. It also has a section for riddles, puzzles, and crosswords that make it all the more fun. 

  • PDFSimpli

Teenage is a period where your child starts to become a little independent, be it doing projects or going to school on his/her own. PDFSimpli is a website that handles all kinds of PDF operations like editing PDFs, merging, and splitting PDFs. It can come in very handy as a PDF editor when your kid is making various project reports.

  • Teen Vogue

If your kid is a little fashionista, then this is the website for him/her. Teenage is very much about looking good and so much about fashion and stuff. The website keeps your kid informed about everything that is happening around the world, giving them insights into the fashion world too.

  • TED

Teenage can be a difficult period for your kid, TED is one such website where your kid can find motivation and inspiration. The website is a knowledge tank for all age groups. 

  • Reddit

Reddit is one of the coolest massive forums and community boards, where people from different backgrounds share their opinions and ideas on various topics. It can interest your kid a lot with its myriad of topics and discussion forums. 


The websites can be a game-changer for your awkward teenager and give a great learning experience for him/her. While the internet can teach a lot to your kid, it is also important to track the activities of your kid to keep them safe from various internet frauds. 

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