Computer Applications That Everyone Must Have

Normally, the essential apps are always pre-installed on your computer, but several other useful apps are required by everyone. If you have purchased a new PC or reinstalled a new window on your computer, it’s time for you to fill it with the most beneficial apps.

Not only are these apps must-have software, but also they assist you in different tasks.  It enables you to edit PDF online and also entertains you with various programs. Let’s see all about these apps.

Internet browser

Usually, it is installed on every computer as a computer’s version, but it may not be as effective as other browsers. If you don’t have google chrome as your browser, make sure you install it right away. Google chrome has a vast library and is highly popular among other browsers

Chrome has high RAM with almost a free version. You can also prefer the Opera browser, as it assists with VPN and other facilities.

Cloud Storage

If you haven’t installed a cloud system on your computer, install Google Drive, as it is the best cloud app service. Without a cloud system, you won’t be able to keep your records, photos, videos, files, documents, etc permanently in one place. Keeping away from cloud systems, there is a risk of losing your data.

Google Drive offers you approx 15 GB of free storage. You can easily sync your mail and store your files in it. It has easy and secure access to all your content. Therefore, today itself download the Google drive storage system and keep your files safe.

7-Zip: File Compressor and Extractor

Every organization and most students need this app. The 7-Zip application enables you to compress and extract the files in any format you want. If you are working on any presentation and while uploading you need a 12 Mb file, but your file is 15 Mb, how will you upload it? This app brings to you the solution to this problem.

You can easily compress and convert files using its PDF to Word converter features. Moreover, you can extract the image or words from any field without any additional permission.

VLC Player

You must have YouTube, but YouTube does not allow you to download videos on your computer. And if you download the videos from various YouTube downloaders, the voice of the video may fade away. This happens when your media player version does not support the video file.

To avoid this situation, download and install the VLC player on your computer, as this app supports every audio and video version with smooth screening. It has lots of features and also enables the downloading of subtitles.

Password Manager

This app helps you to create a strong password so that no other person can hack your password and get access to your private data. We all store valuable information in our computers, thus it becomes necessary for us to keep them secure with a strong password.

Hence, these were the must-have applications that every computer owner should install on their computer to have easy access to materials and to increase their productivity. If you haven’t installed these applications yet, download them today itself and enjoy the services they offer.

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