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Commonplace Photos and Your Own Point of View

Sometimes you have pictures planned out in your head before you set out on a trip. They may even be the reason for taking the trip in the first place. Who does not recognize the perfect symmetry of the Taj Mahal lit by dawn’s gentle colors? Or the most photogenic side of Switzerland’s legendary Matterhorn? Who wouldn’t love to press the shutter button when viewing the orange-red Dune 45 in Sossusvlei, Namibia?

Wherever you go, you can be relatively certain that other photographers have already been there. It’s always tempting to imitate well-known photos of world-famous sites or limit yourself to the obvious post-card view of your subject. As satisfying as the former and as Travel_Photogr_15_CMYK.indd 16 12.09.13 13:02 17 From Conventional To Unique convenient as the latter may be, take your own pictures of the world – don’t just imitate those of others. This sentiment is legitimate, but don’t stop photographing after you have the photo that you wanted on your memory card.

After the obligation comes the choice: Search for additional points of view, surprising perspectives, alternative standpoints, and inconspicuous details that possess their own charms. Look out for your angle, your perspective, your view. Be critical, ironic, reflective, playful, bold, loose; leave the well-trodden paths; and always stay curious


Think about a photograph not as something that is readily available, but as something that you can shape and design. You are the one to decide how your picture will look. Your photo shouldn’t simply reflect what you saw; it should also reflect how you saw it and how you want it to affect your viewer. Ideally, your thoughts and sensations will be embedded in your picture. Achieving this is easier said than done, but it’s always worth the effort. You can visit this site pagalmovies to get more information about how to download the latest movie for free.

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