Common Mistakes People Make With Personal Injury Claims

You have suffered injuries because someone was reckless or negligent and didn’t adhere to their primary “duty of care.” You want to now file a personal injury claim. As a victim, you have certain responsibilities, and if you are not smart enough, you could end up with a measly settlement. Here are some common mistakes you must avoid when filing an injury claim.

Mistake 1 – Not calling a lawyer

You need a personal injury attorney on your side at the earliest. While that’s not legally mandatory, having an attorney can reduce your hassles and allow you to focus on more significant things. Find an attorney who deals with claims like yours. For instance, an auto accident lawyer may not have the exact experience in fighting a slip & fall accident claim.

Mistake 2 – Not seeking medical care immediately

Don’t be fooled into assuming that your injuries are not serious. If you have suffered visible injuries, call 911 from the scene of the accident. If not, check with an injury doctor at the earliest. It is common for victims to not feel as much pain right after the impact because of the adrenaline rush. Ensure that you keep all records, expenses, and medical bills with you.

Mistake 3 – Stating false facts about your injuries

Do not exaggerate your injuries. The insurance company will always look for ways to deny your claim, and this could be a reason enough for the claims adjuster to strike down your case. At the same, do not downplay your injuries either. If you have suffered other injuries in the recent past, let your attorney know, and they can suggest whether you should mention that to your doctor.

Mistake 4 – Not gathering evidence at the scene

If you are okay after the accident, you must take the time to evaluate the situation and gather evidence. Don’t let the shock impact your judgement. Consider using your phone to take pictures of the scene and your injuries. Note down all that you remember about the accident and take the contact details of witnesses and all parties involved in the mishap.

Mistake 5 – Giving a recorded statement to the claims adjuster

The insurance company doesn’t care whether you get a fair settlement. The claims adjuster will try to get a recorded statement, and your words could be used against you. Let your attorney handle the communication on your behalf.

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