Can You Sue Without A Police Report?

Suppose you have parked your car in a parking lot and someone hit your car, leaving your bumper and taillight damaged. You reported the incident to the police, but they did not respond as it was a minor case. You are left with no police report, and your car needs to be fixed.

So can you claim a file without a police report? The answer is yes, you can. A Roseville car accident lawyer can help you gather the evidence without a police report to build your case.

Can you sue without a police report?

Absent of a police report does not affect the legal process of pursuing a car accident lawsuit. A police report can accelerate the process, but it is generally not required.

Police reports do provide a source of credibility that can strengthen the claim. Police reports provide an objective view of the accident. The officer takes witness testimonies and contains a description of the accident. The purpose of a police report is to establish a clear picture of the scene of the accident. They are a third-party witness of a car accident. 

If the police do not respond to your situation, you can file a report by yourself. In order to do that, you need to gather evidence as much as possible. It may include information, photos, and videos of the accident.

Most accident claims do not need a police report if there is only minor damage. Unless significant damage is done to your property and sustained injuries, the insurance company will not require a police report.

To prove liability in your claim, you need to gather evidence with the help of your car accident lawyer. You will need a burden of proof which means you need to establish that the other party is liable. You can do the following to gather evidence.

  • Click photos and videos of the scene. Shoot video of the entire area and neighboring places. Make sure the damages are recorded in the video. If there are skid marks, click photos of them. 
  • Gather information of the other party if involved, including name and insurance details.
  • Gather information from eyewitnesses, if available.
  • Write down a detailed explanation of the accident. Note down every possible description, including weather conditions, time, and surroundings.

Any evidence proving the other party liable is important when your attorney makes a case for a car accident with no police report.

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