Boost Conversions With Amazon Product Photography

The online retail market can be quite a brainteaser to comprehend, much less dominate, irrespective of your selling platform. However, the Amazon marketplace is an entirely different nut to crack!

Despite many businesses taking off on the platform, there are still very low chances of replicating such success, especially with the increasing competition. This is where Amazon Product Photography comes in handy to boost your conversions and aid you in reaching your business goals.

Types Of Amazon Product Photography For Boosting Conversion Rate:

Here is how you can achieve excellence with the help of understanding these few types of product images from our Amazon Product Photography team:

1. Product Bundle Image:

Your customers are likely to be more receptive to a high-quality image like this if your product is a set with various pieces or packs of multiples. All the contents they anticipate will be easily identified in this type of image.

2. Product Features Image:

To highlight one or two of the most distinctive qualities of your product, use the features product photo. Think of this as a banner advertisement. For a powerful image, use the three-question formula shown below:

  • First, what quality does the product have?
  • What functionality is made possible by this product attribute?
  • Finally, how does it resolve the issue?

If you can answer these three questions by looking at the product features image, you can pat yourself on your back for a job well done.

3. Product Dimensions Image:

You would never want your product to receive a bad review merely because a buyer thought it was advertised as a different size or weight than the product is. Therefore, an illustration of the dimension or weight is frequently a terrific addition to your product image sequence to avoid any such misinterpretation or ambiguity.

Consider using something that can easily show the true size of your product, like a hand holding your goods or a quarter next to your product as a point of comparison as a scale reference instead of a picture with measurements written on it.

4. Product Infographic Image:

Icons that can back up claims should be included in your Amazon infographics so visitors can learn more about the product. It might have to do with a feature or quality that makes customers trust you and your product above competing ones on the market. For example, instead of using pre-made templates to distinguish your photographs, you can make icons using your brand’s colors.

5. Product Zoom-In Image:

A magnified part that should be emphasized is displayed to customers in a Zoom-In product photo. It calls attention to a product’s excellent craftsmanship or polishing, which communicates dependability and robustness. This works best when you’ve employed a special material throughout the manufacturing process to increase the product’s lifespan or provide the customer with an added perk, such as in the case of a pair of shoes that are both easy to wash and resistant to water or a handbag with a concealed pocket.

6. Exploding Into Components Product Image:

An exploded image, which is typically produced using 3D rendering, depicts the parts of an object as suspended in the surrounding air or slightly separated by distance. An image like this one may decide a sale. It shows the components that went into manufacturing your product and, ultimately, the level of quality.

7. How To Use Product Image:

Have you ever impulsively bought something just to return it because you couldn’t figure it out later?

Now picture your customer considering buying your product, following the same path only to give up, and then leaving. Or, even worse, they purchase it but fail to use it effectively, at which point they leave a negative product review.

You can use an Amazon instructional product image to show how to set up or use the product properly. As it is not common knowledge and not everyone is familiar with utilizing specific technological devices, this is particularly crucial for the electronics sector.

8. Product Variations Image:

Customers might be about to buy your high-quality product, but they might prefer a different color. Variation images are incredibly effective at winning over a more discerning shopper. Use this Amazon graphic to highlight all the product variations, such as different colors, sizes, etc.


It is no secret that Amazon Product Photography can be attributed to the success of many Amazon retailers and businesses. However, without understanding the nuances of various product photos and how each type serves a different purpose, it is hard to master the Amazon marketplace.

This blog post is aimed at helping you achieve your Amazon business goals by fine tuning your Amazon Product Photography. We have highlighted bundle, featured, dimensions, infographics, zoom-in, exploding into components, how to use, and product variations images for your ease.

Scheduleule a call with us at your convenience for further information or queries. Best of luck!

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