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The BJP and the JD(U) have both released campaign songs in the Bhojpuri language, both criticising the Nitish Kumar government. The BJP song, ‘Bihar mein ee baa’, runs for two minutes and thirty-five seconds, and is in response to a popular Bhojpuri song, ‘Sarkar ka baa’ (Bihar: I want you to come and stay), sung by the singer Neha Singh Rathore. The song is an anti-NDA song and it criticises the state’s performance, law and order situation, and government attitude towards migrant workers.

‘Royal Bihar’ was composed by Kunwar Singh. The song describes the importance of love in Bihar and the bond between two people. It is a romantic song with a political message, about how love is a bond that is stronger than hatred. The movie is about a young man named Harkirtan who falls in love with a woman and wants to marry her. This song is a reflection of the relationship between the two men.

The film is a celebration of Bihar’s diversity, and a tribute to the singers’ diverse backgrounds. The film’s folk songs have become iconic for many people. There are a variety of genres that are related to everyday life in Bihar, from religious to secular. Even one of the most famous is the political song, “Riverhood Bihar Ke.” The lyrics describe the role of Pandey in the Sushant Singh Rajput murder case. The Bihar folk song references this fact in the title.

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