Benefits of Installing Healthy Vending Machines for Hospitals

Vending machines for hospitals are a practical solution, especially in improving food and drink selections. In general, healthcare facilities are some of the most fast-paced places in the world. These machines can get rid of long lines and supply scarcity within or near the vicinity. In fact, it can even provide healthier and more affordable choices for the staff, patients, and visitors.

The hospital environment is demanding, and it’s not always convenient to buy food and beverages on the premises. In addition, some people may need to buy medical supplies or medications but have no time to go outside. These issues make it ideal to bring healthy vending options right into the healthcare facility.

What products do vending machines for hospitals dispense?

Often, healthcare-appropriate vendors commonly sell snacks and drinks for people that work or come and go at the hospital. In the past, vending machines for hospitals stocked sweetened beverages, crisps, and chocolates to appease visitors’ hunger. However, it became apparent that these products are not the healthiest of options.

After careful evaluation, experts revealed that ‘unhealthy’ snacks generated a significant profit for health trusts. This problem contributes to the bigger issue of obesity in the country. Prior to 2019, costs related to obesity reached about over €500 million a year.

Ultimately, the government made changes to curb the trend. Authorities require public health services to dispense snacks with up to 200 calories per packet, with exceptions for some products. Additionally, sugar sweetened drinks are not allowed.

Other than food, hospital vending machines can also dispense medical supplies. For example, personnel can take their gloves, masks, and disinfectants straight out of the automat. It cuts a lot of the process when requesting for supplies the traditional way.

Benefits of vending machines for hospitals

The sheer number of hospitals in the country make it an ideal location for vending machines. Why should you consider installing a vendor in the healthcare setting? Here are the reasons.

24/7 accessibility

Unlike establishments that have working hours, a vending machine is available 24 hours every day. It’s highly ideal in medical facilities that work graveyard shifts seven days a week. There is significant foot traffic at night; plus, hospitals never close on holidays, too!


Today, vending machines for hospitals can come in a variety of designs and dispense different products. You can sell healthy food and drink options like dried fruit, nuts, and water, which are nutritious and affordable. On the other hand, vendors can also distribute medical supplies and medicines. It’s a versatile machine that matches the healthcare setting.


An automat takes less space and does not require you to pay for employee salary and benefits. Also, there are many types of vending machines available in the market today. No matter your budget and preference, there’s a perfect design that fits.

Support healthier choices

Healthier vending is a must in hospitals and other medical facilities. As such, it’s a great way to promote healthy choices for people. The staff, patients, and guests can strongly consider buying nutritious snacks if it is available for them. Consequently, installing a vending machine can support national initiatives that fight obesity and other health risks.

Closing thought

Vending machines for hospitals empower people to make a positive lifestyle change. It’s a great way to encourage healthy habits, too!

If you want to invest in a hospital-appropriate vendor, you can get in touch with the team at They can help you make a great impact in people’s lives with our high-quality vending machines today!

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