Benefits of having a smart home

Technology has been advancing in all areas and, finally, it has reached the possibility of having home automation.

Having a smart home with robots, smart appliances, or even a speaker that talks to you were things that could only be seen in television series or movies. However, it is now part of our reality.

The advantages of building a smart home

We talk about some of the benefits of making your home smart. In addition to making your life easier, this can increase the value of your property if you are looking to sell your home.

Safety, Comfort and Efficiency

A few years ago, thinking that by clapping we could turn off the lights, raise and lower our blinds with a single button, or control our entire motorised curtain with our voice, seemed impossible. But today it is here and you can have it, through a smart home.

Having a smart home or home automation is based on having a set of technological systems which automate the facilities of your home. Where you can manage not only the comforts but also the energy and security of your home.

Maximum Comfort

It is clear that one of the most obvious advantages of having a smart home is the convenience of being able to control everything through a button or from your cell phone.

Through remote access, as the owner, you have control of all the systems and equipment that exist within the home. This can be from the television, the lights or even the heating, or even the refrigerator.

Security like never before

Not everything is about providing greater comfort through your smart home. But also, it becomes a much safer space.

By having a smart home, you no longer just receive an alert that something strange is happening in your home. Now, through your smartphone, you can connect to your home cameras anywhere, anytime.

Having a security system at home goes to a much higher level since you can be sure that your property is completely safe even if nobody is there. Or much better, have the peace of mind that your family, being at home, will have greater security.

On the other hand, forgetting or losing the keys is no longer a problem. By implementing doors that have keys, the locks in a smart home are only opened through passwords, your fingerprint or Bluetooth.

Beyond the surveillance of your home, it can also provide you with security in the carelessness that anyone can have. If you left the oven on, and the refrigerator or freezer door open, the same smart home system will take care of notifying you of these distractions and thus avoid any major problems.


Being able to have this type of home means that older people or people with disabilities have greater accessibility within their own homes.

Voice command systems, by controlling the entire house, allow many people who need it to be much more independent and in a more secure way.

The tasks are carried out automatically, such as watering the grass and checking an electricity problem, among others.

Help the environment

It never hurts to think about how we could help reduce our ecological footprint and what better way to do it than by implementing technology in your home? Thanks to automation, the light can be controlled depending on the time at which it gets dark or dawns and thus, reduce the unnecessary consumption of light.

Also, there are controlled demand ventilation systems where you can make better use of the air that is spent inside the house. Thus, in an intelligent way, electricity, water and gas are saved in this type of house. Therefore, uncontrolled expenses are reduced and this will not only help your pocket, but also the environment.

Greater value for your property

Implementing technology within your property makes it a higher market value compared to conventional houses.

Having certifications that guarantee that homes have this type of remodelling or sustainable construction will undoubtedly increase your property’s value.


You already know all the benefits of having a smart home. Make the decision now and build your own home, remember that in Loft you can find houses for sale in the trendiest areas of the country in our marketplace; so, you can find the area of ​​your dreams.

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