Becoming a Teacher in Arizona

Do you want to become a teacher in Arizona? This brief guide will help you qualify for an education license. It can also be used for school ratings.

  1. Have a bachelor’s degree. All states in the U.S. require teachers to have at least a bachelor’s degree and graduate with a 3.0 GPA. In addition, you may have to complete a post-baccalaureate state-approved teacher preparation program in the subject you intend to teach. This will be a social media site for teachers.For example, if your undergraduate major was in biochemistry, you have to do a post-baccalaureate to get a teaching credential. If you received a teaching credential in another state, it might be valid in Arizona through interstate reciprocity. However, for those that majored in teacher education at the undergraduate level, a teacher preparation program isn’t necessary. You can also do a joint Masters and teaching preparation program and qualify as well.
  2. Pass the required tests for Arizona. Applicants for teacher licensure must pass the requisite exams to get certified. These tests are meant to assess the subject knowledge as well as the professional knowledge of the candidates. This is accomplished by taking the AEPA (Arizona Educators Proficiency Assessment) for early childhood educators. For elementary and secondary educators, a pass in the NEP (National Evaluation Series) assessment of professional knowledge is required. The NEP assessment contains a written assignment, case study, and a multiple-choice section. It also helps professors and administrators find higher education jobs. For teaching candidates who specialized in a specific area, say, biology and geography, both assessments are required to ascertain competency.
  3. A background check. This is probably a standard procedure in most state-run departments. Potential educator candidates in Arizona State must go through a biometric background check. The process should take about ten days if you have no criminal record. However, this can go for up to 55 days for those with a criminal record. Every background check has a validity of 6 years.
  4. Complete a teaching practice experience. It is not enough to only have the credentials; one ought to have some experience to back their achievements. Therefore, you will need to complete a teacher experience program for the intended grade level.
  5. Submit your application. To be a certified teacher in Arizona, applicants must submit copies of official transcripts, exam scores, IVP (Identity Verified Prints) card, and evidence of teacher practice experience. Those applying from a different state must produce comparable copies of an out-of-state educators’ certificate. All applicants must also answer a series of questions about their background.
  6. Pay the necessary fees. The application fee is $60 for each certificate, and the procedure may take anywhere from three to six weeks. This duration depends on the number of applicants.

Other Ways to Get Certified

In Arizona, there are alternative pathways to getting your teacher certification. These are teaching internships and the Arizona Teaching Fellows Program.

The internship requires two years of student mentoring and teaching, after which you get a provisional teaching certificate. At the same time, the Arizona Teaching Fellows Program trains its beneficiaries to become high-impact teachers serving disenfranchised communities.

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