An Important Risk Factor for Pedestrian Accidents

Most individuals understand the risks associated with texting while driving due to the numerous awareness programs and restrictions enacted over the years. It is against the law in the state of Ohio to use a handheld electronic device while driving. 

However, people from all walks of life can be diverted by their phones. Not just distracted drivers can get seriously hurt; pedestrians can do the same thing while using their phones. The dangers of distracted walking are not as well known as those of distracted driving. All pedestrians must be aware of the risks associated with distracted walking to remain safe.

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How Risky is it to Walk While Distracted?

Many individuals have likely witnessed pedestrians juggling many tasks while on the move. People who walk frequently engage in a variety of activities while on foot. The presence of any of these is a recipe for disaster on the road. A person walking along the street might be engaged in a video call with someone else. When crossing the street, the pedestrian can not pay attention and gets hit by an automobile.

The previous example may be overdramatic, but it’s not. Compared to non-distracted pedestrians, those who were texting while walking were shown to be 3.9% more likely to participate in at least one unsafe action when crossing the street.

Walking While Distracted and Related Injuries

Those on foot are more at risk. They are extremely vulnerable to very severe damage because they have no protection. Some of the more frequent examples are:

  • Experiencing a break in the bone
  • Muscle and tendon injuries
  • Bruises
  • Brain injuries, both mild and severe, such as concussions and contusions
  • Disruptions to the spinal cord
  • Erroneous fatality

One further study indicated that pedestrians who text while walking are 60% more likely to be seriously injured than those who don’t. As an aside, texting is one of many things that can divert a pedestrian’s attention. Distractions like checking social media, checking email, or even conversing on the phone might cause you to lose track of your location and your intended destination.

Whether driving or walking, people should never try to multitask. When the mind is split between too many activities, none of them receives the undivided attention they need to be completed successfully. Keep your phone out of sight while you walk, and don’t check it for messages or notifications until you reach your destination.

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