A guide to different types of Divorce Records in Washington

Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage, indicating that the married pair no longer wishes to be together. Divorce matters are usually handled by the Family and Civil Courts and fall under its general jurisdiction. The washington state divorce record can provide you with your divorce records without any hassles of finding the right form.

What are Divorce Records?

Divorce records are court records that are more personal in nature, including financial, criminal details, domestic abuse, and so on. As a result, obtaining them is tough, and they can be found on public record websites run by third parties. Divorce records are much less available than other types of public information due to the personal nature of the records. bundlenews  

Types of Divorce records

There are different types of divorce records, and you need to know what forms you need so that it will help the process of obtaining the correct record.

1. Washington Divorce Certificate:

A divorce certificate is a simple statement that elaborates on the name of the parties who have been divorced as well as the date of the divorce conclusion. 

Who generally requests such forms? The parties involved in the divorce request such documents either to acquire a new marriage certificate or change the name. These records are available and considered public unless sealed by the court.

2. Washington Divorce Decrees:

A divorce decree is a record that consists of details in the Divorce certificate. Additionally, it has information regarding the judgment of the case with its case number and the judge’s signature. The case’s conclusion will have details of alimony, child support, division of property, etc.

3. Washington Divorce Records:

Divorce records are more detailed records than Divorce certificates and Divorce Decrees. These carry information about each report evidence produced during the proceedings. The parties involved can challenge any of the statements in the agreement. Hence they are usually kept for personal records and used during the filing for any change. Though the Divorce Records are available to view for the public, the certified copies are only available for the parties involved in the divorce. tunai4d


Divorce records are available for the public unless sealed by the judge. Despite it, some records are not available simply due to personal privacy law. Although these records are available online, an experienced attorney can also help you get your Divorce records without a long waiting time and simplify the process.

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