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A Glimpse on the Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera

The Canon 5D Mark IV is one of the most expected DSLR series in recent memory. Photographers have been eagerly waiting for its release with new features, and we’re sure it didn’t disappoint them!

What it features

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR features many exciting things such as:

  • A 30.4-megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 7fps continuous shooting with full AF/AE tracking
  • An expandable ISO range of 50-102400
  • Internal 4K movie recording at 30/25/24 fps & 8.8-megapixel in-camera 4K
  • 61 focusing points with 41 cross-type AF points
  • The ability to use extenders with all telephoto lenses for f/8 AF with all 61 points
  • 150,000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor
  • A new AF ‘Area Selection’ button
  • 2-inch touchscreen with 1,620k dots
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, secure file transfer (FTPS/FTP) & GPS

The Canon DSLR 5D is also the first EOS camera that offers the Dual Pixel RAW file format to tune up images in post-production by adjusting the sharpness point, reducing image ghosting, or shifting the foreground bokeh.

Though similar to its predecessor in terms of appearance, the Canon 5D Mark IV camera is slightly smaller, weighing 50g lesser than the Mark III DSLR.

The feel of the camera, shutter sound, and the layout of the button makes it even more interesting to buy.

What Makes Canon 5D Mark IV Stand Out from Others

The Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera can produce images at just over 30 megapixels – 8 megapixels more than Mark III. It is a welcoming upgrade for photo enthusiasts looking to make larger images.

The files are not as heavy as its predecessor; it’s a whopping 50 megapixels that allow you to make prints at larger sizes. Besides, these extra megapixels will enable you to crop into mages with a little more reach and still get a larger print.

Push & Pull Image Functions

Besides the increase in resolution, another interesting thing about the new Mark IV camera is its ability to push and pull the files after capturing. Having a more comprehensive processing range will allow you to take pictures further with post-processing. It offers more options for photo enthusiasts who want to explore their work creatively. The increased Dynamic Range in the image made this new exposure latitude.

Canon 5D Mark IV Body ISO Performance

The DSLR 5D Camera presents an ISO range of 100-3200 (extendable to 50-102,400) and has an improved noise processing algorithm and signal-to-noise ratio that let you work in really dark areas at higher ISOs.

Dynamic Range

The Canon 5D Mark IV body has a 36.0mm x 24.0mm sensor, offering normal ISOs of up to 32000. Its autofocus feature lets you take pictures with a good amount of details in the shadow.

Capturing great pictures is only good when they are sharp. In that line, Canon has made a significant improvement in the 5D Mark IV by adding Dual Pixel CMOS AF. This feature gives you 61 Points of focus, with all AF points being selectable (with 41 cross-points).

You also get to continuously focus on Live View while taking pictures with the Canon 5D Mark IV body. The autofocus feature in Canon 5D Mark IV can help you track faces.

Speaking of frame rate, the DSLR Canon EOS 5D Mark IV can shoot at 7 FPS for up to 21 RAW images.

Besides, the Mark IV camera offers video at 4K resolution, 30 frames per second. If you want to work with video in 1080 and 4K, consider Canon’s cinema offerings, like the C100 and C300.

Full Touch Screen Interface

The Canon 5D DSLR includes a 3.2’’ touch panel on the back of the camera, which is a great upgrade. The dial and the touch screen are really great, and a simple touch on the image will help you focus better. You can access the functions quicker while capturing an image.

Wireless Transfer Performance

Another exciting and wonderful feature the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera offers is the wireless transferring of images. This way, you can find the fastest way to get a frame in the camera out to someone. No matter the work you do, get the pictures ready in a minute with its wireless transfer.

You just have to enable the WiFi on your device; it’ll give you two options. While the 5D Mark IV searches for networks to connect to, you can attach the camera to the same network you are on and transfer files back and forth.

Setting the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to make an easy connection is great, allowing the camera to broadcast out its own wireless signal and enabling you to connect your phone to it.

The DSLR 5D camera has a similar dust-removal technology as its earlier version, where the sensor is shaken concisely at high frequency to remove the dust particles from the surface.

The Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR’s software suite is outstanding. You can get Canon’s simple but effective PhotoStitch application for producing panoramic shots, a utility for using the Canon 5D Mark IV remotely, and the Digital Photo Professional application to convert RAW files. This is a big advantage!

And the features don’t end here! The Canon 5D Mark IV further offers an auto lighting optimizer to automatically correct the brightness and contrast, multiple exposure settings to combine up to 9 images into a single one, and various picture styles.

Summing It Up

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera’s huge array of features will largely benefit professional photographers and photo enthusiasts alike. From a 30-megapixel full-frame CMOS imaging sensor to Canon’s latest AF system, the DSLR has everything you need for a perfect picture!

The price is also significantly lower than Canon’s current 1-Series model. This value and versatility made the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV great fanfare and strong demand in the market. The new 5D Mark IV is once again the Canon DSLR that tops the market.

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