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A famous caricaturist from Poland

He is invited to festivals as a special guest, having the same status as film stars. A few days ago we saw him in the TV show “Sanatorium of Love”. There’s a movie about him right now. Meet the fastest Polish caricaturist

The fastest caricaturist

100 seconds to make one caricature? It is impossible! This is what those who have not yet invited Szczepan Sadurski to a company event or wedding ceremony say. For many years, every few days he has been invited to events where he draws cheerful portraits in front of delighted observers. He still travels professionally all over Poland. From time to time he is also invited to other countries. He drew caricatures at events in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Sadurski in Poland and the USA

He visited the United States as a tourist, but he was also here a few times professionally. On the east coast, he attended events. He had exhibitions of his humorous drawings, combined with a live caricature drawing show. It was in New York that the press first wrote that Sadurski from is one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. This information aroused even more interest in his talent.

Sadurski has long been famous for his humorous drawings, which he creates for Polish newspapers, books, advertisements and television programmes. Probably all Poles know the characters from the drawings and the signature SADURSKI. No wonder that at some point event companies became interested in it. In the last 10 years, he has created over 50,000 caricatures at events.

In 2012, when a trip to New York was already planned, an invitation came from England. He was offered an exhibition of humorous drawings. Unfortunately, Sadurski could not be in two places at the same time.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made many professional and artistic plans complicated. Sadurski was to open solo exhibitions in Hollywood and Vienna. It is not known whether similar proposals will appear in the future.

A famous caricaturist in Australia

In 2015, Szczepan Sadurski was a guest at a great cultural festival in Melbourne. Because it was at the turn of the year, he also drew caricatures at one of the New Year’s Eve balls. Here he received further professional offers as an event caricaturist. However, he could not stay longer as he had already signed contracts in Poland.

Poland is a country where many people do not like when someone is successful. It is not surprising that the competition also greets Sadurski’s successes with envy. Sadurski is attacked on the Internet by haters. During the pandemic, an unknown person impersonated him by sending fake bomb alerts! Sadurski had to visit the police and explain that he was not going to plant bombs anywhere.

Sadurski doesn’t care because he still works a lot. And he still sees smiling faces around him. A documentary is being made about him right now. Perhaps we will learn from it how it is possible that a witty caricature can be made in just 100 seconds or less.

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