6 Things That Will Help You Understand Period Underwear

Period Underwear is an undergarment that women wear during periods. These are excellent substitutes for one-use solutions like pads, tampons and liners. Also, this underwear can be utilised on days when the flow is low and on days when the flow is high. Some women use period underwear on low-flow days and also as support on high-flow days. Nonetheless, this is an entirely personal choice and will be used as the user finds it convenient.

Period Panties are designed to appear like regular underwear these days. They are not bulgy and come with additional layers, also a purposefully crafted layer meant to soak up menstrual fluids and eliminate bad smells. Since it is just like any underwear, it can be used and washed and used again and washed again.

How does Period Underwear work?

Period Underwear or panties are manufactured with sheaths of soak-up elements, largely anti-microbial technology is utilised. Silva is a synthetic that comes with silva technology and enables silver ions when a microbe ends up or forms itself on the material. The ions act spontaneously and cautiously neutralise any organism, leading to a foul smell or the element deterioration. You will be surprised to know that period underwear can absorb up to 45 ml of fluids, almost nine times what a single tampon can hold. Not to mention this solely relies on your period and rate of flow. The sheath of silva is to make sure you are comfortable, eliminate any bad smell and avoid leaking or staining.

Why should you shift to period underwear?

  • 10,000–15,000

The number of liners and tampons (including the covers and auxiliaries) used by one woman in her life may reach the oceans and cause harm.

  • $17,000

The amount of money an average woman spends in her lifetime for conventional period solutions.

  • 3–5 years

The length of time for which period underwear can be utilised by washing and reusing.

What is its durability?

Period underwear can easily keep you going for almost 24 hours. Nonetheless, this solely relies on the user’s comfort and convenience. Most Period underwear is crafted for women from all walks of life and can be considered versatile, involving an entire range of athletic activities. During high-flow, they can last for about 9 hours effortlessly. That is why you can rest assured that your period underwear will stand by you and keep you going for 24 hours hassle-free.

Is period underwear safe?

Regarding the safety of period underwear, you can simply bid goodbye to all your worries. They rank above liners, tampons and pads in safety. These are made of natural fabric such as cotton, thereby eliminating any cause for concern. An extra layer of silva is also added to most panties for a layer of additional protection. This has been firmly established through detailed studies.

Ways to handle Period underwear

Step 1: Bathe

Once you use your period underwear, rinse them or bathe them in cold water.

Step 2: Cleanse

If you wash in a machine, instead of directly putting them with other clothes, place them in a net bag to cleanse gently. The best way would be to wash with hands using a mild soap for more extended durability.

Step 3: Avoid artificial drying

Avoid using the dryer. In lieu, dry it naturally by spreading it or hanging on a rope to sustain the material’s strength.

How frequently should you change?

Period panties are just like the other feminine hygiene products and must be changed when they reach their optimum capacity. Well, it does depend on a few points. That involves period, the rate of flow and whether another hygiene solution is accompanying it.

Are you concerned about stains or unpleasant smells? Generally, period undies are crafted to be spot-free and immune to stinking odours. Still, if there pops one up, try rinsing them in vinegar mixed with water to get rid of it.

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