6 Food Photography Tips for Savory Social Media Posts

Have you ever almost scrolled past a post when your mouth starts watering? When you frantically scroll back to get a better look at the masterpiece that almost slid out of your reach? It is amazing how much of an impact a photo can make on you, almost instantly.

This reaction is not accidental. It is a curated and carefully crafted phenomenon. Just like when you step into a room and the smell of what’s cooking makes your mouth water, there is an intricate process that goes into creating that effect.

When it comes to creating savory social media posts, the process is just important… if you want the same results. What makes your photos stand out? How do you separate yourself from the endless reel of posts that feed on people’s attention?

Make An Instant Impact With Your Photography

1. Be Bold

According to Collette from Picture Perfect Photo “There are a million and one different photos, memes and soundbites reaching out and vying for the attention of your target audience.” Being bold shows the world that you are not afraid to risk and that will put you in their focus. How exactly can you “Be Bold”?

Activities and food that don’t normally mix make for a bold photo if you can pull it off. Pho soup and yoga in the evening sunlight can look pretty bold if done well. An early morning green smoothie or shake next to the squat rack with a 300lb lift also makes for a powerful post picture. Being bold means being willing to take risks because with great risks come great rewards.

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2. Harness the Power of Light

To properly showcase the food in your photos, use the right type of light. Whether it is a Baja-style chicken and rice wrap with avocadoes with steamed broccoli or a shot of a delicious protein bar, the right lighting makes all the difference.

Natural light is almost always best but sometimes the dim light of a studio or a mirrored corner make for great lighting as well. Be sure to experiment and try shots in different lighting to get a feel for what works for you.

3. Enhance the Food by Removing Distractions

Minimalistic photos have an appeal to them that is unique. Even though the first tip said to be bold and be willing to mix it up, simplicity does have an elegance about it that is hard to match. By removing the distractions, you can use your shot to bring out all the details of the food you are shooting.

Simple and clean lines with a background that emphasizes the food brings the focus right where it should be.

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4. Use Colour and Contrast to Highlight

Contrast and colour are important. So is the placement of your items in your shots. What should be the main focus of the photo? Do the other props or items in the picture help create this dynamic or do they take away from it? Are the colors in the background or the foreground distracting from what you are showcasing?

Use colour to draw the eyes to the food in the photo. Make all of the elements in the shot play a role in highlighting the main items in your posts.

5. The Rule of Thirds Still Applies

A staple of food photography, the rule of thirds helps you cater to the way the human brain processes images. Having an object set off to the side and off center makes it more appealing to the human eye. It is a great way to turn what could be a simple and boring photo into an artistic and elegant social media post.

6. Be Inspired

Inspiration is necessary to create savoury social media posts. Inspiration comes in many forms but do what is necessary to be inspired every day.

  • Follow inspiring content creators to see how they are upping their game.
  • Work hard, try new things and be willing to fail.
  • Be inspiring. Live life to the fullest and that passion will bleed over into your photography.

Make the Most of Your Post

Use these tips to create eye-catching and mouthwatering social media posts. Show your users and subscribers what they want to see by being bold and inspired. Add value to them by using contrast and colourto your advantage. By harnessing the power of lightand using framing techniques, you will set yourself apart from the rest of the posts flooding social media. Get out there and make an impact.

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