5 Door Lock Problems That Should Not Be Ignored

It is very easy to overlook certain signs of our objects, because we are too busy to pay attention to them while they are being damaged, but this should definitely not be done with your doors and locks, as they are the main base of your security.

Read on, we will explain some of the small flaws in our doors that can be really dangerous if you think about it.

Loose locks, knobs and handles

The structure of a lock joins a set of moving parts that interact with each other to allow a correct operation.  All of these parts play a critical role in ensuring that everything runs smoothly. If one of the components starts to fail, the entire lock will fail as a result. 

Over time and with constant use, most of these components become loose, especially on those exterior locks that are usually the point of entry and exit. 

It is estimated that 60% of home burglaries are due to forced entry where the locks were loose, making it much easier for a burglar to gain access to the home without having to deal with a lot of hassle. 

Misaligned locks

This problem is very easy to detect, it occurs when the key parts of the locking mechanism do not fit, the reason for this may be because the latch or often the locking bolt does not line up with the locking plate. 

This problem is quite common. Many times it is the result of locks that were not installed properly or the doors and frames become warped due to temperature changes or bumps.  The danger of this problem is easy to see. If the lock is not aligned, this hinders the latch process resulting in the possibility of the door not closing or locking as it should. 

If this problem is not addressed in time, the result can be aggravating and could result in broken locks or doors due to the pressure that the user may exert when trying to close or open the door. 

Broken key in the lock

Getting involved in the problem where your key breaks inside the latch bolt is surely one of the most unfortunate and annoying in the locksmith world, as well as one of the most common. 

The best option in this situation will always be to have a locksmith who can offer you the service of key extraction, this is definitely the best option in which you could save you from having to buy a new lock. 

Jammed locks and latches

When your door starts to have problems with the lock starting or closing, you can’t afford to let them go, because this puts your security at risk. 

The problem will depend on the type of lock you have, but it is usually due to the accumulation of debris in the internal mechanism that can cause additional problems such as breaking your keys. 

In other cases, detecting a jammed deadbolt can be a sign of a break-in attempt, which is a much bigger problem, and beyond the quality of the product, they are not immune to attempts of forced entry. 

 Rotating locking cylinder

It happens that when the key is placed in the lock, the cylinder turns, but still the mechanism does not unlock, you have a problem that must be addressed immediately, this problem is extremely easy to identify, but very complicated to solve. 

In most cases, the main reason why this problem occurs is due to a damaged or loose set screw that prevents how and when the latch can be locked or unlocked.  This problem can cause you to be trapped outside or inside your home without being able to lock or unlock the door at all. 

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