4 Tips and tricks to Help You Spark Your Team’s Creativity

I believe you already have your own company, or you work in one. You know how much teamwork is needed to push forward an entire business. Company leaders should have a motivation and inspiration role to employees in forming a team.

One very important item that every team must possess is creativity. We used to say that creativity is nice to have, but today it is necessary for every company. With the industrialization and advancement of technology, we have all the information at our fingertips, so creativity is what can set your company apart from the competition.

It is quite normal that the team’s creativity sometimes declines. For all ideas to be remembered using various types of technology, it is important to use mind mapping software, which we will discuss more below. So let’s see together what tips and tricks you can use to help you spark your team’s creativity.

1. Diverse team

Although it is already a habit to make a team of people of the same profession (for example a marketing team will be composed of economists and marketing managers), let’s go a step further. The advice is to try to make a team consisting of diverse types of people. When we say diverse, we primarily mean diversity in their profession.

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Don’t be afraid to put an economist, computer scientist, digital designer, etc. in one team. In this way you will look at the required topic from several angles and team members will be able to learn a lot from each other. This encourages creativity and teamwork. As an ideal example of how this method works, remember that the idea for the logo for the global company Coca-Cola was given by the company’s accountant. So, it works, right?

2. Mind mapping software training

One very important training that all employees need to go through, which affects organizational skills as well as creativity is mind mapping software. This program is quite complex, and yet it gives us a very effective solution.

In fact, mind mapping software serves us to use graphics and maps, to come to a better organization, remember new terms, etc. It is in human nature that various colors, writing down words, illustrations help to better master a certain matter and certainly encourage creativity.

This is a very fun way to work. By creating a map, you not only read information, but also create new ideas and come up with many different solutions. In this way, the team functions as a unity, which was your initial goal.

3. Working environment

Let’s take a look at the work environment of employees. If there are offices with a smaller number of people, or maybe even one, if the design of their office is monotonous, do you think that all this does not affect the creativity of each employee? Oh, it for sure does. Give employees freedom and cut the bureaucracy.

Allow them to work in an open environment where they will work together as a team on a number of issues. Let each of them have the opportunity to decorate their space just the way they want and where they feel comfortable.

Playing music, posting art paintings, a few plants, are all little things you can do to begin with, and they will certainly encourage their creativity and willingness to write down ideas and use mind mapping software.

4. Focus on brainstorming

You will always have people in the team who come up with different ideas, but for some reason they do not share them with the rest of the team. Those are some mistakes that we could rewrite you as a leader. You never know how much some ideas will benefit you in the future so it is very important to put an emphasis on brainstorming.

During this concept, employees will behave much more naturally, spontaneously and come to the expression of many creative ideas. It is important to emphasize that there are no “stupid” ideas, that every idea is used in one way or another.

The more ideas the better – Encourage the team to share with others what comes to mind first. Criticism must not exist, on the contrary, words of support will increase this circulation of ideas and creativity.

These would be just some of the tips on how you can encourage the creativity of your team. Of course there are many methods involved, and it is up to you to start with one and take from it only the part that seems most productive.

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